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Both ECOAIR SAFETY PACK and ECOAIR FOLD PACK are available in any size.  Some recent applications include:

SIZE (in inches)



8x8x6 One Light or heavy cargo; features extremely fast packaging !
12x12x8 One Larger light cargo; very fast packaging.
15x12x10 Four Cargo up to melon size and 10 pounds; one object or a bag full !
21x14x12 Four Larger and heavier cargo; low "G's" to cargo.
6x26x6 Two Fast packaging for long or narrow cargo.
6x38x6 Six in a row Can hold one article or up to three in a row !  The best safe packaging for a pair of champagne flutes !
9x28 Tri-T Two Triangular model popular for bottled wine.
6x14 Tri-T Two Triangular model; very attractive in thin white 'E'-flute.
30x72x18 Six Great for mannequins !

Both ECOAIR SAFETY PACK and ECOAIR FOLD PACK also come in heavy-duty models of double & triple wall corrugated.  Our patented packaging system will safely package almost any article !  Let us know the specifications of the goods that you package and we will recommend the right configuration of ECOAIR for your products.


Enshrouds its cargo in a plastic bag whereupon the opening end of the bag is pulled firmly through an aperture near the center of a corrugated paperboard platform thereby holding the cargo firmly against the platform.  The free end of the bag is fastened to the platform.  The platform is positioned inside a carton, usually above the bottom of the carton with the cargo held tightly on top of the platform.  When the carton is dropped in any orientation most of the impact energy is absorbed either by the deflection bending of the platform or the stretching of the bag thereby protecting the cargo from damage.

Can have many configurations with multiple apertures, platforms and membranes.  In one incarnation, cargo is inserted into a plastic tube, then each end of the tube is passed through an aperture near opposite edges of a corrugated paperboard platform.  Pull the ends of the tube tightly and staple the ends to the edges of the platform.  Again this floats the cargo safely on top of the platform.


Has shaped scored sections, already attached platform during the die cut.   These shaped scored flaps can be simply folded up into a triangular or rectangular shape, with the cargo safely floated upon the ECOAIR platform positioned inside.  There is no need to place the protected cargo into a carton because this triangular or rectangular shape replaces the exterior carton !

Eliminates one entire step in the packaging line process, the step of inserting the protectively wrapped cargo into a carton.  This reduces assembly time up to thirty percent and reduces total packaging costs up to twenty percent.

The design of this patented packaging system, having the shaped and scored exterior wall sections integrally formed as part of the platform during the die cut operation, reduces the corrugated paperboard requirement by over twenty percent.

Our Patent Application for the ECOAIR FOLD PACK included claims for improvements over many competing packaging systems.  We expect to license our new invention to competing packaging systems so that they can also offer the benefits of this ECOnomical and ECOlogical invention to their customers.


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Last updated on 2nd June 2004.